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Letek® combines the two terms leather and TEKNA®

TEKNA® - known for combining traditional saddlery with state-of-the-art technology, is taking the next step, combining leather, a classic material in the saddle industry for centuries, with state-of-the-art Quik Clean (artificial leather) material to create a completely new product. The saddle thus preserves the look and comfort of a traditional leather product with the benefits in terms of durability and care of the Synthetic Quik Clean material.

1. What is special about LeTek®?
The LeTek®-Saddles are a very good combination of traditional saddlery and modern saddle technology: Real leather on the top and real leather girth straps in combination with the Tekna® Quick-Clean synthetic material on the bottom. So you have an elegant look, very good fitting and pleasant feeling of a real leather saddle and at the same time a quick-clean, robust and lightweight synthetic saddle, which can be quickly and easily adjusted to the horse by exchangeable gullets. And you have all these benefits for a very good price-performance ratio!

2. How can the LeTek® saddle be adjusted?
By the QUIK-CHANGE™ saddle tree system, which allows quick, easy adjustment in six different widths. The saddle pad consists of a latex core encased with wool and can therefore be individually adjusted to the horse by the saddler using the proven traditional method. The "dressage" model is also available with a 2 cm higher pannel in all seat sizes.   

3. How should I take care of a LeTek® saddle?
You can treat all real leather parts with saddle soap and/ or leather cream, while the parts made of synthetic material don’t need any special treatment, please clean them only with a watered sponge with a little soap on it.

4. To which horses does LeTek® fit?
Basically, LeTek® saddles fit many horses starting from medium size. Depending on the model, they are available in seat sizes 16.5 inches to 18 inches and the gullets are available from extra slim to extra, extra wide (a total of 6 different widths, except for the model 'Maximus', here there are 4 widths. The gullet shapes depend on the saddle type: dressage and VS have the same gullet shape; the jumping saddle and the model "Maximus" have a different gullet shape.

5. For which riding style is LeTek suitable?
There is one saddle shape for each of the three classic disciplines: dressage, general purpose and jumping. For the dressage saddle, there is an optional 2 cm higher pannel available. Also for leisure riders the LeTek® saddle is very suitable because of its comfort, high flexibility in fitting and the good price performance ratio.

6. Do I need original TEKNA® accessories for a LeTek® saddle?
No, that's a matter of taste. Basically, any high-quality matching accessories can be combined with a LeTek® saddle, it does not matter if you choose leather or synthetic material.

7. How do I find a LeTek® dealer who comes to me?
You can find a dealer directory here.

If you can't find a LeTek®-Dealer in your area, you are welcome to contact us and we will find a retailer for you.

If your question about the LeTek saddle and the LeTek riding equipment is not answered yet, just send it to us - we'll be happy to answer it personally by e-mail!

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