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TEKNA® combines traditional saddlery and modern technology which results in highly functional riding gear in top design. TEKNA® products are the perfect combination of style, quality and performance.

•    TEKNA® QUIK CHANGE™: The new generation of saddles with changeable gullet system.
•    TEKNA® QUIK FORM™:  The successful TEKNA® saddle series with adjustable saddle tree.
•    TEKNA® QUIK CLEAN™: Breathable, durable materials for a maximum performance, durability and comfort - with minimal care!

TEKNA® saddles for all disciplines
•    General Purpose, Dressage, Jumping
•    Gaited horse riding
•    For ponies and horses
•    Wide range of seat sizes and gullet widths
•    All saddle trees with a 5 year warranty

TEKNA® saddles can be individually padded by your saddler just like a conventional saddle. They are the ideal combination of high-tech and tradition!
•    Only the Tekna® Club model, cannot be padded up or down.

High-quality bridles, reins, straps, stirrup leathers, gaiters, saddle pads to match the saddles. For all disciplines and demands. Due to the Quick-Clean™ material, the elaborate leather care is eliminated.

1)    Tekna® S-Line Saddles

QUIK CHANGE™-Saddle System

The advantages of the QUIK CHANGE™ saddle tree system
•    Easy adjustable by exchangeable gullet system
•    Light weight, stable, flexible

All TEKNA® S-Line saddles are built on the basis of a QUIK CHANGE™ saddle tree system. This allows the saddler to quickly and individually adjust the saddle width by replacing the gullet.

TEKNA® fitting gauge

The TEKNA® fitting gauge is made especially for Tekna S-Line and LeTek saddles, It is designed to be used for General Purpose, Dressage and Jumping saddles. The gauge is easy to use and understand - a must have for all saddle fitters.


We have six different widths for each saddle type: extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide, extra wide and extra, extra wide. Thanks to intensive research and development work, a modular system has been developed that manages with six different gullet irons for each type of horse. Each saddle type has a special gullet in six widths and each saddle is delivered with a medium-sized gullet. Do you need another gullet? It can be purchased additionally. Each saddle is delivered with a hex wrench.


General/ Purpose
1705 0004
•    narrow
•    medium
•    medium wide
•    wide
•    extra wide
•    extra extra wide  

1705 0006
•    narrow
•    medium
•    medium wide
•    wide
•    extra wide
•    extra extra wide

2)    Tekna® A-Line Saddles

TEKNA® saddles from the A-line are built on the basis of a QUIK-FORM™ saddle tree system. This allows the saddler to quickly and easily vary the chamber width when needed.

• Light weight, stable, flexible
• Adjustable by heating process
• Individually changeable pad
• Optionally with anti-slip seat or soft-seat
• Replaceable blocks, 1 pair included
• Saddle girth straps for long straps or short straps
• Seat offers close contact to the horse
• Breathable, optimal air circulation

All TEKNA® saddles are characterized by their easy clean upper material. Thanks to the modern QUIK-CLEAN ™ surface, saddle soap and leather care products are not needed anymore. The TEKNA® saddle can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, that will save time and money for traditional leather care rituals. Also a ride through the water or a heavy rainfall does not affect TEKNA® products.

TEKNA® offers a wide range of gullet widths, saddle sizes and colors for all models, so we are sure that you will find the ideal saddle in proven QUIK-CLEAN™ quality!

TEKNA® saddles are subject to regular practice tests by professional riders and product developers, so that a constant first-class quality can be guaranteed.

If you need precise instructions for changing your gullet or for adjusting a heat-adjustable model, please contact or call us. Our service team will be happy to advise you.

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