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1. What is special about RID'UP safety stirrups?
The special feature of these safety stirrups is the patented click joint, which detaches from the stirrup leathers and falls off in the event of a fall. This reduces the risk of injury and also of being pulled along by the horse. The click joint is positioned at the top of the stirrup bar suspension and moves during riding.

2. For which types of riding are the RID'UP safety stirrups suitable?
The RID'UP safety stirrups can be used in all equestrian sports. But they are a particularly good choice for eventing and jumping, where the risks of injury to both rider and horse are increased.



3. Can you improve your performance with RID'UP safety stirrups?
The RID'UP safety stirrups can improve the rider's overall performance. The click-joint and the bevel in the tread surface align the foot naturally, you automatically get a better balance and the 90° rotated alignment also provides a more stable posture for the rider. Especially the RID'UP PLUS model, which is equipped with elastomer buffers under the tread, helps to maintain a steady posture on the horse, as the buffers provide optimal absorption of vibrations and shocks.

4. How are RID'UP safety stirrups attached to the saddle?
Basically like any other stirrup. The RID'UP safety stirrups have a suspension at the top through which the loop of the stirrup leathers is pulled. The difference: The RID'UP stirrups are suspended rotated by 90°, so that the stirrup leathers - in contrast to conventional stirrups - lie flat on the saddle flap. This also makes it easier to pick up the stirrup bar with the foot. When storing the saddle, you can simply push the stirrups up, as with others. To avoid scratches on the saddle leather, there are soft covers for the RID'UP safety stirrups, which you simply slip over the stirrup bar.

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