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FAQ - Tekna

1.       Where can I get a TEKNA® saddle for my horse?

There are a large number of authorized TEKNA® retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As all of our TEKNA® dealers are saddlers, too, they will visit you in your barn and select the best suitable model there. If the saddle seems to be matching to your horse, you can try by a short ride. After a short processing time, the saddle is individually adapted for your horse.

If chamber width and personal preferences are well known, you can also buy a TEKNA® saddle directly from a Tekna®-Shop. The specified chamber widths are generally valid and most of the horses and ponies fit a TEKNA® saddle, without having to be changed.

You can find a dealer directory here.

If you can't find a Tekna®-Dealer in your area, you are welcome to contact us and we will find a retailer for you.

2.      Can a TEKNA® saddle be adjusted?

Yes, it is very easy and it depends on whether you have a saddle with QUIK FORM™ system (A-Line) or with a QUIK CHANGE™ system (S-Line). Each authorized TEKNA® dealer has a saddle adjuster and/ or replaceable gullets. Each TEKNA saddle can be perfectly adapted to the back of your horse in short time.

If your horses back have changed or the saddle moves to another user, the TEKNA® saddle can be adjusted again at any time. This process can be repeated at any time.


3.       How do I care for my TEKNA® saddle?

You can simply clean a TEKNA® saddle with a damp cloth and dry-polish it or simply left to air dry as desired. Finished!

Even a gallop through the water or a heavy rainfall does not affect to a TEKNA® saddle.

4.      What's so special about TEKNA® saddles?

A TEKNA® saddle is in high quality, very durable and available in a wide variety of models, colors and sizes. The saddle can be adjusted in a few hours from a saddler and this process can be repeated as often as desired, depending on the system with a saddle adjuster (QUIK FORM™) or with a new gullet (QUIK CHANGE™). In both systems the saddle pannel can be customized like a conventional saddle (exception: model "Club"). In addition, the QUIK CLEAN™ upper materials are the latest in artificial leather technology and unbeatable in everyday use. Convince yourself!

If your question about the TEKNA® saddle and TEKNA® riding equipment is not answered yet, just send it to us - we'll be happy to answer it personally by e-mail!

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