Our Brands

The USG brand world includes a variety of established equestrian sports brands, which are made up of both our own brands and third-party brands, in order to be able to offer you the widest possible range of high-quality equestrian sports items.


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Whether you're a leizure rider or a professional - don't compromise on safety.
The right choice of individual protective equipment can be crucial in the event of an accident. The EquiAirbags® from USG are currently the only airbags for riders on the market certified according to EN 1621-4.


© Photo: RID' UP


The French label RID'UP offers modern safety stirrups for all areas of equestrian sport.
Thanks to the patented system, the risk of injury reduced and the overall performance of the rider be improved.


The name Kieffer has stood for Bavarian craftsmanship for 170 years.
The accumulated experience and craftsmanship know-how from the company's 170-year history can be found in Kieffer's innovative quality products.


SPEED & Valetumed

High-quality care and feed products - produced in Germany, with sustainable standards and modern design.

Many decades of research for our four-legged friend!


Perfect training moments with the EquiCoach intercom system: Connect yourself and your training group with clear sound and top range!

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The RSL RIDERStouch® brand has been part of the USG brand family since April 1, 2016.

RSL gloves stand for excellent quality, an established leisure, fashion and sports program and a large selection with tried and tested materials.

AIXPLORER airbag vests

Stylish for the tournament: With the AIXPLORER airbag vests we stay on the ball with the latest trends in safety in equestrian sports. Equipped with patented EquiAirbag® systems, the AIXLPORER products offer a modern, discreet appearance - ideal for tournament appearances.



Healthy licking and activity fun in the stable, during transport and in the paddock.

No more boredom, because the tasty lickstone from German production is very productive and almost unbreakable.

Happy Day®

The natural treats from Happy Day are a fruity and delicious treat for in between meals. Easy to dose and quickly at hand. Available in many delicious varieties.


HORSENA® combines Italian design with functionality in its products. The gel pads (with and without fur) perfectly support the horse's back thanks to their breathable structure and shock-absorbing properties. They offer stylish safety stirrups in different colors to complement our safety range.


The Crosslander® brand stands for versatile casual boots and shoes. Whether in the garden, on a dog walk or in the forest, we offer the right model for every outdoor fan.



The HAAS company has been producing horse care brushes and wellness brushes in Donaueschingen in the Black Forest for almost 100 years. Selected materials, a lot of love and handwork are what make a HAAS brush or body brush. Discover the diverse range. With products from Haas you can rely on quality and safety for riders, grooms and horses.



Take a deep breath

The "SaHoMa II" inhalation device from the German medical device manufacturer Nebutec can be used to treat chronic and acute respiratory diseases in the stable without any cables or hoses. The device is also particularly well received because it is extremely quiet and easy to use. A real enrichment for the USG range!


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