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EquiCoach® Communication Tool

Clear communication for perfect training moments

Connect training groups in a modern and intuitive way.



Product overview


EquiCoach® Intercom System: 

The EquiCoach® intercom system offers a modern and intuitive solution for acoustically connecting participants. Whether riding, winter sports, mountain biking, climbing or anything else: with EquiCoach® you are connected where there are no networks.

The set contains everything you need for effective communication in training groups:

  • 1 EquiCoach® device
  • 1 headset (wired)
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 mount for the belt
  • 1 quick guide

... everything safely stored in a handy storage box.

Find out more about the EquiCoach® Set here.

EquiCoach is also available in weatherproof outdoor case with 2 or 4 devices - perfect for riding schools and trainers.

With modern Bluetooth® 5.0 and IMS technology, the system enables optimal connectivity between participants. Ideal for training sessions at riding facilities, it offers an impressive range of 800 meters per participant. Multi-hop technology makes it possible to further extend the range by combining multiple devices.


All features at a glance:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 for optimal connectivity
  • Filters out ambient noise (noise-cancelling function)
  • 800 m range per participant
  • Combined, the range increases thanks to multi-hop technology
  • 12 hour battery life (3.7 V lithium-ion)
  • Easy charging with USB
  • Ready for use at -29°C to 54°C


The outdoor professional

The EquiCoach® devices are robust and weatherproof, designed for use in adverse outdoor conditions. No matter whether rain, dust or sunshine – the intercom system is reliably available. With an operating temperature range of -29°C to 54°C, it is perfect for outdoor activities.


Technically at the forefront

The simple operation allows even laypeople to use it intuitively. Rechargeable and optionally wireless, the system offers maximum freedom of movement during training. The 12-hour battery life and convenient USB charging ensure that the EquiCoach® intercom system is always ready for use.


Changable and open

A special highlight is the compatibility with devices from other manufacturers, both with Bluetooth® 5.0 and older versions. This makes the EquiCoach® intercom system extremely flexible and versatile.


S.O.S. Function

The EquiCoach® devices also have a manual S.O.S. Mode. Once activated in the CLEARLink app, users can quickly trigger an emergency notification on the device, providing an additional layer of security. The app is available free of charge for Android and iPhone.


Recommended by experts

Equestrian champion and Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke recommends the EquiCoach® intercom system after successful tests in a training group. The clear communication, the suppression of ambient noise and the compatibility with your favorite Bluetooth® headphones make the EquiCoach® intercom system the first choice for demanding riders and trainers.



Technical data:

  • Frequency: 2.402 GHz - 2.480 GHz
  • Range: up to 800 m
  • Battery power: 3.7V; 500mAh
  • Battery life when in use: up to 10 hours
  • Battery life standby: 400 hours
  • Charging time: approx. 1.5 hours
  • Device dimensions: 73.6 x 44.5 x 25.4 mm
  • Waterproof according to IPX7
  • Weight device: 35 g
  • CLEARLink App System requirements: Android 4.4 or Later. Apple iOS 8 or Later

Short User Manual in PDF


FAQ - The most frequently asked questions about EuqiCoach®


1. How do I recharge the EquiCoach®?

Charging is easy with the included USB cable. The included charging cable is compatible with any USB 2.0 socket.


2. What if the EquiCoach® device stops responding?

The battery may be empty - you should recharge the device here. If the battery is not empty, the device can be easily reset: press all buttons at the same time for 2 seconds.


3. Can I use the EquiCoach® outside?

The EquiCoach® devices are waterproof and dustproof, so they can be used outside without any problems.


4. How far away can the training partner be?

Every Gdevice has a range of 800 m. Thanks to the modern multi-hop technology, the range increases by 800 m with each additional device. This means: With 4 devices, all riders could be 800 m apart and thus a distance of 2.4 km bridge.


5. Why can't I hear anything with the cable headset?

Please check whether the USB port of the cable headset is fully plugged in - none of the 3 ribs on the plug should be visible.


6. How do I pair the devices?

  1. All devices must be switched off.
  2. Activate the 1st device for pairing: Press “Down” and “On &” at the same time. Off” until the status indicator flashes purple.
  3. On the 2nd device “On & Press “Off” and “Up” for 5 seconds.
  4. Continue immediately with other devices in the same way.
  5. If all devices are activated in this way and flash green, the last device shows “On & Press “Off” briefly.
  6. When you switch off the EquiCoach® devices, the settings are automatically remembered. When switching on a device, briefly press “Up” to reconnect the devices.

See also the tutorial: "Connecting 2 EquiCoach devices together"


7. How do I pair Bluetooth headphones?

  1. The EquiCoach® device must be switched off for this.
  2. Activate the pairing function on the headphones.
  3. With the EquiCoach® device, exactly 15 seconds “On & Press “Off”, it first flashes purple, then blue.
  4. When headphones and EquiCoach® device are connected, a tone sounds.
  5. To pair the EquiCoach® device with the headset again, use the redial function* on the headset.

*please note the instructions in the instructions for the third-party device used

Sometimes it is unclear whether the pairing with the headphones worked. This can be easily checked by attempting to communicate with a second device.

See also the tutorial: "Pairing EquiCoach with Bluetooth headphones"


8. How do I pair the EquiCoach® with my cell phone?

  1. For pairing with the cell phone, activate Bluetooth in the cell phone.
  2. Press “Up” and “Down” on the device simultaneously for 2 seconds. The status indicator flashes blue/red.
  3. The device should appear in the list of available devices in the phone and can be paired.
  4. We recommend downloading the free CLEARLink app and using it to control the intercom device.

The quick guide also explains the functions for telephony and music playback.


9. How does the S.O.S. work? Mode?

The U-SAFE S.O.S. Mode manually triggers an emergency notification.

This requires setting up U-SAFE in the CLEARLink app. Save emergency contacts as emergency notification recipients.

Tap the "On & Off" button 5 times, then one more time to activate S.O.S. to confirm. Without the 6th confirmation, S.O.S. breaks. sending the emergency notification.

The emergency notification is sent via the mobile phone*. The current GPS coordinates are also transmitted to the stored emergency contact.

*If you are riding in a group, at least one person should have a cell phone with U-SAFE S.O.S. activated. Have mode with you.


If you have any further questions about the EquiCoach®, please feel free to send us an E -Send an email or contact us by phone at 06054/90977-0.

EquiCoach® - Connecting Know How
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