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RSL Riding Gloves

High quality riding gloves from RSL Riders touch®

RSL Riders touch® has stood for consistent quality for over 20 years. When developing new models, USG focuses on what are probably the most important characteristics of riding gloves for riders: optimal fit, good freedom of movement and perfect wearing comfort!

With RSL Riders touch® you have a long-lasting companion for your passion - whether on horseback, at the stable, for ground work or anything else. The large variety of models, the different materials, modern designs and a wide range of colours offer a suitable option for every taste and every occasion. With these riding gloves, the focus is on a good feel for the reins, durability of the fabrics and other pragmatic aspects.

The advantages at a glance:

Material: Our glove models are available in synthetic, vegan materials, in cotton for sensitive skin or in leather for the most intensive use. Snythetic does not mean cheap! These modern fabrics often have special properties that make them durable and functional. With our leather products, we pay attention to low-pollutant tanning and further processing.

Temperature: RSL Riders touch® offers a suitable model for every weather condition. In the warm season we work with mesh inserts, light fabrics and perforations for a breathable skin feeling. In cold temperatures, denser weaves and more impermeable synthetic fabrics are used. Lined gloves are also available.

Touch screen compatibility: Most of the RSL Riders touch® riding gloves already have special material inserts on the thumb and index finger that are suitable for the use of touch displays. Gone are the days when you have to laboriously put on and take off your gloves in the freezing cold!

Durability: Riding gloves in particular are sometimes subjected to intensive wear and tear. That's why USG uses reinforcement in the necessary places during production. Denser fabrics, stitching or surface applications in the area of the rein guide and in places that are often rubbed belong to a good glove!

RSL Riders touch riding gloves


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