FAQ USG-SOS-emergency management

  1. What exactly is USG-SOS and how does it work?
    "USG-SOS" is an emercency add-on for the rider which enables you to store important personal information in a data base. With the help of your personal ID-code on a special tag, respectively wristband, first aiders will be able to identify you at the place of accident, view important information on the Internet at www.usg-sos.com and contact your relatives. You decide yourself, what information you want to store and only you will be able to change it.

    • Name, age and address
    • Emergency contacts
    • Allergies and diseases
    • Further medical information
    • Vaccination status
    • Helpful X-rays
    • Contact details of yard manager or vet
    • Basically all information that may be crucial for the best-possible treatment in the case of an emergency.
  2. Advantages of USG-SOS!
    A safe feeling that the right things can be done immediately in an emergency and your family will be contacted as soon as possible. USG-SOS can help to provide quick and individual help which can save your life. Your family and your yard manager can be contacted and also your horse will be well looked after. Should you be injured severely and unconscious, it may be crucial to contact your physician immediately to check whether you need special treatment. This can be very important especially when you are suffering from allergies or any other chronic diseases.
  3. How much will USG-SOS cost me?
    USG-SOS is part of a complex security model for riders. USG offers the new USG-SOS tag as an additional add-on to each body protector or USG-airbag protector purchased. (excluded body protector Eco-Flexi) You could also buy the USG-SOS tag for about 10,00 € (recommended retail price). A further option would be to use the USG-SOS wristband which costs about 25.00 € (recommended retail price).
  4. How safe are my personal data with USG-SOS and can they really be viewed at all times?
    A maximum of data protection and precautions have been taken to protect your sensitive and most private data from unauthorized access. These emergency data are stored on a medical high security server, located in Germany. High performance servers in an air-conditioned position as well as a 24-hour technical support ensure that your emergency data can be viewed at any time. Since it is not an app, you can have access to www.usg-sos.com platform independently from anywhere in the world with any browser. As the information is available in different languages, it can be obtained and understood worldwide.
  5. How can I use USG-SOS?
    Once you decide to use USG-SOS, you can define your password with the help of your ID-Code as well as the PIN number which ensures that nobody else will be able to modify your data. Whoever enters ID and PIN, stated on your tag or wristband on www.usg-sos.com, will be able to view your data without being able to change them.
  6. What happens if I break my tag/wristband or lose it?
    A newly purchased tag/wristband can be integrated very easily. Your data will simply be connected to the new medium. Simply click: "Carrier Medium New & Active" in your main menue, then chose: "Activate New Medium". Now you can enter your new ID and PIN. Please be aware, however, that your new medium then still needs to be activated with your personal and secret login details.
  7. Where do I attach my new USG-SOS-tag?
    Wherever it is safely attached and clearly visible. Ideally secure it to the tape closure, connecting front and back part or your body protection at the shoulder. Whoever wants to use the USG-SOS-tag to help to identify his horse, may attach it to the horses halter or bridle.
  8. What information should I store?
    You decide yourself what information you want to store. USG-SOS can be used individually. It is completely up to you whether you store your ICE contacts, your physicians or yard manager's telephone numbers, whether to state your address, vaccination status or former diseases. Should you be suffering from diabetes or allergies, this information could safe your life.
  9. Why is a new USG-SOS-tag attached to my new body protector?
    USG offers a broad variety of safety products for equestrians. Every rider will find his personal protection gear part of which is USG-SOS, as quick and individual help may save your life in an emergency.
  10. Can I also remove the USG-SOS-tag?
    Yes, of course. Simply take it off. In this case, you do not participate in the emergency system. You may enter your emergency data whenever it suits you or simply pass the tag on to somebody else who would like to use it.
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