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Your reliable Partner as far as Safety at the highest Level is concerned

  1. Which of the USG EquiAirbag® Models will suit me best?

    EquiAirbag® "Add On" for Flexi or Flexi Motion:

    Ideal for leasure riding, show-jumping or cross-country. Is worn in combination with USG's body protector "Flexi", "Eco-Flexi" or "Flexi Motion".
    1. This airbag was designed especially for USG's body protectors "Flexi", "Eco-Flexi" and/or "Flexi Motion". The "Add-on"-airbag is simply pulled over the back part of the body protector and therefore part of it.

      USG's body protectors Level 3, certified according to EN 13158-2018 and quickest airbag for riders EN1621-4, Level 2 = with this combination you are definitely on the safe side!
    EquiAirbag® "VZero":

The V-Zero can be pulled over a safety vest like a backpack, but it does not have to be a USG safety vest. The airbag can also be worn without safety vest.

* The perfect protection for your spine
* The only airbags certified for riders according to EN1621-4, Level 2
* complete protection of spine
* currently fastest airbag protector
* one size fitting all riders from approx. Child XL
* individually adjustable
* can be worn by itself or above every commercially available body protector
* same technical details as for USG EquiAirbag

EquiAirbag® "Guard":

* Combination of back protector and EquiAirbag® with back and front airbag
* Workable with only one carbon dioxide cartridge, included in delivery
* Certified as per EN 1621-2
* Certified as per EN 1621-4 (EAB)
* Protection of complete spine and front of the body
* Currently fastest Airbag Protector
* Technical details as for USG EquiAirbag

Video: EquiAirbag® Guard

EquiAirbag® "Precto Air Fit": 

* Combination of Precto Dynamic Fit back protector and EquiAirbag®
* Delivery with one carbon dioxide cartridge
* Certified as per EN 1621-2 (Precto)
* Certified as per EN 1621-4 (EAB)
* Protection of complete spine
* Currently fastest Airbag Protector
* Technical details as for USG EquiAirbag

  1. Which Parts of the Body are being protected by USG's EquiAirbag® and what are its Features?

    The EquiAirbag® offers protection for the entire spine (from head to tailbone when activated). Both versions of airbag are approved and certified according to the current airbag safety standard EN 1621-4. This testing ensures a reliable in time activation, good shock absorption as well as innoxiousness of the protector.

    Quickest trigger time!

    Inflation time of 88 ms + trigger time of 60 ms = 148 ms (requirements for EN 1621-4 < 200 ms)

    Lowest shock absorption!

    Extremely low with only 1,4 kN (requirements for EN 1621-4 < 2,5 kN)

    The double-airbag offers protection of the entire spine just as the other versions of the airbag, but also additional protection of your ribcage. This version is also tested and approved to the airbag standard EN1621-4. Inflation- and trigger time, as well as its ability to absorb impact energy correlates to the data listed above. Since the double-airbag contains two CO²-cartridges it also meets its requirements fully.
  2. Where and how to attach USG's EquiAirbag?

    You will find a lanyard with a snap hook attachted to the right back side of the airbag. A simple "click" is all it takes to connect you to the D-ring of the saddle and the lanyard crosses your right thigh. Now your EquiAirbag® is ready (to use?).

    Will the lanyard interfere with my movements in any way?

    No, it will feel a little strange when using it the first time, but you will hardly feel and notice it after a while. It will not interfere with your movements since it is very elastic.

    Foto: © Julia Rau


    Please do NOT forget to release the lanyard from the saddle when dismounting your horse. Otherwise your airbag will be activated by accident.
  4. How is the Airbag being activated?

    A fall respectively some unexpected movement when riding will detach the lanyard from the airbag. The trigger time here is 60ms. Once the lanyard is detached, the integrated bolt is activated and makes the carbon dioxide cartridge explode. It now only takes the carbon dioxide 80 ms blow up the one-piece airbag completely. Head- and tailbone-part unfold in a way that it provides additional neck coverage and prevents retroflexion of the head. It also ensures that your helmet will not be displaced.

    Freedom of Motion with the activated EquiAirbag:

    Foto: © Jutta Bauernschmitt
    • In case of an accident you will still be able to easily bring your chin to your sternum, roll off without difficulty and get yourself out of danger.

      Should you activate your EquiAirbag® by accident when competing, you will still be able to proceed since you will just not be able to sit back properly.

    • Is the EquiAirbag® re-usable again?

  5. Yes indeed, you will be able to use it again if the airbag was not damaged by any sharp objects during the fall. Therefore we recommend to examine the airbag carefully after every fall. However, should you feel unsure whether it was damaged or not, you are welcome to send it in for further examination.
  7. How can I refill the EquiAirbag?

    To refill "EquiAirbag" products - no matter whether vest, double airbag or Add-on, you only need the recharge kit (which was already included in your delivery) as well as a new carbon dioxide cartridge. However, you will need two cartridges to refill the double-airbag.

    The double-airbag is refilled in the same way. However, this procedure must be carried out twice since it is equipped with two cartridges.

    How to refill
  • * Open the zip.
  • * Unscrew the empty cartridge.
  • * Press the remaining air out of the airbag (just as you do it with an air mattress).
  • * Screw your tool with the outer screw into the thread (please do not tighten it too much, stop 1 - 2 mm beforehand).
  • * Screw the inner long screw (which is furnished with a handle) into the thread.
  • * Soon you will feel some resistance. Please ignore it and keep srewing. You will see the fasteners of the trigger close.
  • * Once you have proceeded swrewing against the resistance and fasteners have once closed and re-opened again, the bullet of the lanyard is placed between the fasteners. (Please fix it with your thumb to ensure that it will stay in position).
  • * Now simply turn back the inner long screw from the thread and loosen the big screw, respectively take it out. During this procedure fasteners have enclosed the bullet and the lanyard is again attached to the airbag.
  • * Now simply screw in a new cartridge into the thread and fold your airbag into the provided "compartments". Now it is ready to be used again.
  • Can you wash the Airbag and what is its Weight?

    * EquiAirbag® is not machine-washable as the airbag could be damaged. Since it is made from high-quality >Codura< you may simply clean it with a dense cloth.
    * The EquiAirbag® vest weighs about 2.00 kg.
    * The Double-Airbag weighs about 2.20 kg.
    * The "Add On" for body protectors weighs about 1.60 kg.
  • What should I do before first Use?

    Please ask your retailer or our USG-team for advice in advance, which type of EquiAirbag® suits you best. We will also help you to select the correct size that it can provide best-possible protection for you.

    Before you use it the first time, please read the enclosed instruction manual carefully and adjust it to your size. Please also check whether the cartridge is properly secured in its thread and the lanyard fastened correctly. Now you are ready to go!

    Should you have further questions concerning our EquiAirbag® products which were not answered by our FAQs, please send us an e-mail to us or call us at +49 6054 90977-0.
    EquiAirbag® - Your Partner as far as safety is concerned!
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