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AIXPLORER Airbag Vests

Innovative, discreet and effective: Our AIXPLORER airbag vests

With the patented, proven EquiAirbag® release system - always on the safe side.



Product overview


EquiAirbag® "AIXPLORER Cordura®": 

The first generation of the new USG airbag vests is a great product for jumping, dressage and training. The AIXPLORER Cordura® feels like a light vest and has a robust outer shell made of Cordura®. It adapts well thanks to mesh components on the sides. Freedom of movement is the order of the day here.

The release strap is clipped to the saddle like the well-known EquiAirbag® products. The airbag vest protects the spine and the front of the body when expanding - all the way around. The built-in EquiAirbag® release system is patented and is also used in the other EquiAirbag® products.

The AIXPLORER Cordura® airbag vest is often used by show jumpers.

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EquiAirbag® "AIXPLORER Add-On for Flexi": 

The AIXPLORER add-on is the further development of the AIXPLORER Cordura®. Our many years of experience in eventing motivated us to develop an airbag that can also be worn in combination with a Level 3 safety vest.

The AIXPLORER Add-On for Flexi is designed like the AIXPLORER Cordura®, but has special straps inside so that it can be pulled over a Level 3 safety vest. Here too, the airbag vest offers all-round protection in addition to the Level 3 vest.

The release strap is then clipped to the saddle like with the AIXPLORER Cordura®. The airbag vest protects the spine and the front of the body when expanding. The built-in EquiAirbag® release system is patented and is also used in the other EquiAirbag® products.

The AIXPLORER Add-On for Flexi is mainly used in off-road versatility.

More about the product: "AIXPLORER Add-On for Flexi"



EquiAirbag® "AIXPLORER Softshell": 

The AIXPLORER Softshell is the answer to the wishes of many dealers and riders! Using the same construction principle as the AIXPLORER Cordura® as a light, supple vest, USG has optimized the built-in airbag technology:

In addition to all-round protection, the AIXPLORER Softshell also offers a high-neck protection, which means that the airbag deploys further upwards and can therefore reduce the head from hitting back. It also releases further down the rump.

Another new feature is the subtle, smooth softshell surface. Less disruptive logos and a stylish design ensure an optimal, classic tournament appearance.

The decent black release strap is then clipped to the saddle like with the AIXPLORER Cordura®. When expanding, the airbag vest protects the spine from the rump to the neck and the front of the body. The built-in EquiAirbag® release system is patented and is also used in the other EquiAirbag® products.

The "AIXPLORER Softshell" airbag vest is very popular with competition riders in jumping and dressage.

More about the product: "AIXLPORER Softshell"



FAQ - The most frequently asked questions about AIXPLORER


1. Which parts of the body are protected by the "AIXPLORER" and what features does it have?

The "AIXPLORER" models all protect the upper body, especially the spine and chest. The "AIXPLORER S-Line" also protects the neck from kicking back in the event of a fall and impact, as well as the impact area.

These variants are also tested and certified according to the airbag standard EN1621-4.


2. Where and how is the EquiAirbag® attached?

The flexible release cable with a carabiner clasp protrudes from the front right. The carabiner clasp simply hooks into the martingale breastplate eyelet on the front of the saddle and the release cable lies over your right thigh. This simple process means the EquiAirbag® is ready.

3. Does the cable bother me?

No! It may feel a little unusual at first, but you will hardly feel the cable and it will not hinder any of your movements as it is very stretchy.


Please DO NOT forget to detach the cable from the saddle before getting off, otherwise the airbag will be activated unintentionally.


4. How is the EquiAirbag® activated?

In the event of a fall or as soon as you move away from the horse with a little more force (for example when dismounting), the release cable is separated from the airbag. The triggering time here is 60mS. This removal of the cable activates the built-in bolt, which causes the screwed-in CO² cartridge to explode.

Now the CO² gas flows through the one-piece airbag within 80mS to fully deploy it. For the models  "AIXPLORER" inflates the entire vest around you.


5. How mobile am I with the airbag activated?

If you fall, you can pull your chin towards your breastbone and roll over easily or move away from the horse in a dangerous situation. It makes sense to practice falling correctly beforehand - not just if you use airbag products.

If you happen to trigger the EquiAirbag® with your riding gear during a test, you will still be able to continue riding, as ultimately only sitting down (on the "AIXPLORER Softshell" model) can no longer be performed perfectly. The CO2 that flows in escapes relatively quickly.


6. Is the EquiAirbag® reusable?

Yes, it indeed is, as long as the product's ticking has not been damaged by sharp objects in the event of a fall. We therefore recommend checking the airbag after every fall. However, if you are not sure, please feel free to send it to us to check.


7. How do I refill the EquiAirbag®?

To refill the "EquiAirbag®" brand products, you only need the small screwing tool, which is included free of charge when the airbag is delivered, and a replacement cartridge.

Video: Refilling - this is how it works (example "AIXPLORER")


Here's how it works:

  • * Open the zipper
  • * Unscrew the exploded cartridge
  • * Squeeze the remaining air out of the airbag (like an air mattress)
  • * Screw the tool into the thread with the outer screw (but do not tighten all the way, leave 1-2 mm of space)
  • * Now screw the inner long screw (which has a handle) into the thread
  • * After a moment you will feel resistance, you simply have to move past it. You can see that the shutter release brackets are closing
  • * As soon as you have continued turning against the resistance and the clamps have closed and opened again, the ball of the release cable is inserted between the clamps (it is best to hold your thumb on it so that the ball stays in place)
  • * Now simply unscrew the inner long screw from the thread and loosen or unscrew the large screw as well. During this process, the clamps have closed around the ball and the release cable is fixed in the airbag again.
  • * Now simply screw a new cartridge into the thread and fold/slide the airbag neatly into the designated "compartments" - and then you're ready to go again!


8. Is the EquiAirbag® washable?

The EquiAirbag® system itself is not suitable for washing machines, otherwise the airbag could be damaged. However, the robust outer material made of Codura® and the softshell outer skin can easily be washed off with a damp sponge. You can always find further information in the washing instructions in the product.


9. How much does the AIXPLORER weigh?

The "AIXPLORER" weighs about 1.20 kg.


10. What should I consider before using it for the first time?

Of course, you should consult your specialist retailer or our USG team in advance to determine the right model and size so that it can offer you the highest level of protection.

Before wearing the airbag for the first time, you should read the instructions for use carefully. Also check whether the cartridge is correctly seated in its thread and the release cable is fixed in its correct place. Then you can get started!


If you have any further questions about the EquiAirbag® products, please feel free to contact us Send an email or contact us by phone at 06054/90977-0.

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